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Secure document sharing to get work done

Content security and data privacy are high in demand in most organisations in Government, Legal and Financial sector. However, secure collaboration is fundamental to these organisations to get work done by allowing their employees to work together effectively. 

How can organisations enable their employees to use newer tools and systems, but yet meet the security and compliance requirements of the above mentioned regulated sectors?

Our solution built with Alfresco provides enhanced security features to meet the requirements of the compliance teams. These are detailed below. 

Protective Markings

Configurable Protective markings can be applied to users, folders and documents. For example within government organisations the protective marking can be: 

Based on the protective marking enabled for a user and the markings applied to folders and documents, second level of content filtering is applied to Alfresco’s standard security. 

Protective Markings can configured as;

  1. White Lists – configured protective markings must match for content access to be allowed.
  2. Black Lists – configured protective markings should NOT match for content access to be allowed. 

Projective markings can be heirachical. A user with assigned a higher level protecive marking will be able to access content marked with lower level of marking. 

Documents with a higher protective marking placed within a folder with a lower protective marking will automatically re-classify the folder with a higher protective marking. 

Other configurable example of protective markings are:

  1. Group Companies
  2. Desk
  3. Nationality 
  4. Counter Party

Secure Access for External Users

Our solution provides secure access to external users by enabling employees to selectively synchronise content to Alfresco cloud. This enables partners, suppliers and customers to access content directly from Alfresco cloud. 

Protective markings can be configured to stop content with specific markings from ever being shared or synchronised with Alfresco cloud. 

Compliance Auditing

To comply with industry regulations it is essential to have accurate and up-to-date audit logs.  Our secure collaboration solution enables users with the requisite permissions to view and obtain a report of the audit trail for each document or for all activities by users or groups. For a document, users accessed, date, time, actions performed, and even the protective marking changes on the content items are recorded. See image below.

Figure 1: Audit Log

Watermarking and Digital Rights

Organisations are keen on preserving digital rights and copyright of digital assets. They also want to ensure that any documents accessed, downloaded or printed are watermaked to track distribution.  Our configurable watermark ensures that digital rights of the document are applied to documents downloaded from the system. The watermark is applied for each individual user with their name, date and time of access. See image below.

Figure 2: Watermark

Encryption at Rest

All content is encrypted on the file system to ensure that the data is protected from any unauthorised access to the system. Documents can only be accessed via Alfresco. This ensures data security when Alfresco is hosted and run on a public cloud. 

Active Directory Federation Services (AD FS)

User authentication and authorization to documents is centrally managed by the customer’s adminstrator. AD FS is a standards-based service that allows the secure sharing of identity information between trusted business partners (known as a federation) across an extranet. Our Alfresco solution is able to integrate with AD FS via the internet to our Customer’s Active Directory instance for user management. 

Two factor authentication (2FA)

Customers with propertiery 2FA authentication solutions can continue to use it with our Alfresco solution by integrating their 2FA with ADFS. When their users use ADFS to authenticate, they are also asked enter the additional details for 2FA. 

The ADFS integration, therefore enables us to provide secure single sign-on for extranets over the internet straight out of the box. 

Simple and Smart

The look and feel of our secure collaboration solution is intuitive; simple and smart as Alfresco. It offers a familiar experience of mordern consumer applications which enables rapid user adoption with little or no training. Our solution is built on open standards to ensure your organisation is on track with industry changes and adaptable to future requirements.

In summary, our solution simplifies secure document access and provides a secure hybrid solution for cloud content. It is highly secure and provides the compliance of a secure sharing network, whether it is internal or external users. 

Have a look at a demonstration of our secure collaboration solution working below.

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