WATCH: RPA or DPA — what’s the best approach to automation?

How are public sector organisations using automation technologies? Does Robotic Process Automation (RPA) and Digital Process Automation (DPA) compete or complement each other?
With this in mind, Zaizi put the case to two key central government organisations: HMRC and DWP. The recent online learning exchange: RPA or DPA? Taking the Strategic Route towards Automation looked at whether RPA or DPA has the potential to empower public sector organisations to add value to operational outcomes, help staff work smarter and improve public services.

Keynote speakers were Chris Penner, Innovation – Horizon Scanning and Technical Lead (CDIO) at HMRC and Rachel Parks Senior Product Owner, Intelligent Automation Garage at DWP.

Chris talked about the benefits and disadvantages of RPA. Rachel, meanwhile, discussed how DWP was moving away from a tactical RPA approach and becoming more strategic through DPA. 

Zaizi’s Andrew Hawkins, Public Sector Director and Tim Stephenson, Digital Process Automation Lead confirmed these views on RPA and DPA. 

Andrew said RPA’s tactical approach to automation does not really streamline and remove unnecessary processes. In fact, it can perpetuate legacy systems. And Tim showed an example of how DPA can provide a strategic approach to automating and digitising business processes and systems.

You can watch the webinar here 

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