Watch: The what, why and how of a ‘Discovery Phase’

A discovery phase, which we undertake in all our public and private sector projects, allows you to identify what problems exist and what steps you need to take in order to address those problems.

The GDS’ Service Standard sees discovery as the start of a product lifecycle. When building a citizen or user-facing service, you’ll be focussed on understanding the users, their needs and any constraints that might be imposed on the service you’re building. 

We undertake discovery work on every digital project to understand what steps need to be taken to reach the project’s desired state. 

That’s the process whatever you’re exploring; whether that’s building a digital product or service, or thinking about the strategic direction of an organisation. 

In fact, we undertook a discovery on Zaizi itself to identify gaps within the organisation as we grow. Any growing organisation needs to reappraise itself and see how to get the best out of itself. 

Here’s a video from our head of products, Tom Hall, on the why, what and how of a ‘Discovery Phase’.

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