Making Zaizi carbon negative: Managing our carbon footprint

Zaizi are proud to announce that we are now a carbon negative organisation.

We’ve partnered with Carbon Neutral Britain to measure and offset our carbon footprint. “Carbon negative” means Zaizi removes more carbon from the atmosphere than we emit. 

To become carbon negative, Zaizi measured and calculated our carbon footprint. Carbon Neutral Britain follow the ISO 14064 and the GHG Emissions Protocol Standards. These are widely accepted as the two largest and most recognised methods for carbon footprint calculation in the world. 

We then worked with Carbon Neutral Britain to offset our emissions. Their focus is on tree planting activities. This is because tree planting is seen as one of the best options for tackling climate change by reducing the net amount of carbon that enters the atmosphere. As well as absorbing carbon dioxide, forests refract the earth’s heat. They also have a positive impact on wildlife, ecology and diversity. 

DOWNLOAD: Zaizi Carbon Reduction Plan

The path to net zero

The UK government has announced their net zero strategy. This sets out policies and proposals to decarbonise all sectors of the UK economy by 2050. Zaizi have now also set a carbon reduction plan, in which we have committed to making our company net zero by 2050. 

 “Because of the work we do for the public sector, we’ve been considering our carbon footprint for a while,” says Aingaran Pillai, Zaizi founder and CEO. “We had the option to go carbon neutral. But after speaking with our staff and investigating options, we made the decision to go further and make Zaizi carbon negative. We will continue to do so as we grow and scale.”

“We’re looking forward to working further with government and public sector organisations to help the push towards net zero emissions and create a cleaner, greener UK.”

Thanks for joining us! We’ll keep you informed with regular updates.

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