Our Senior R&D Engineer announces launch of her new book ‘Apache Mahout Essentials’

Zaizi’s proud to announce the release of the highly anticipated book ‘Apache Mahout Essentials’ by Jayani Withanawasam, Senior R&D Engineer at Zaizi. 

Jayani focuses on applying machine learning techniques to provide smart content management solutions. At Zaizi, she has worked extensively on Apache Mahout and related technologies in building some of Zaizi’s cutting edge solutions. She has also been selected to speak at many conferences on this topic and recently presented at Alfresco Summit where she presented on machine learning for Alfresco document management system.

Aingaran Pillai, CTO and Founder at Zaizi said ‘Jayani has been working in our R&D department at Zaizi where she focuses on building out our machine learning techniques to be able to provide our customers with advanced content analytics. Writing this book shows great determination and knowledge in this field and we are proud that we are continually using this expertise to get the best digital experiences for our customers.”

About the book 

Apache Mahout is a scalable machine learning library with algorithms for content clustering, classification, and recommendations. It empowers users to analyse patterns in large, diverse, and complex datasets faster and is more scalable. However, implementing a successful machine learning application using Apache Mahout requires skills and knowledge that goes beyond the ability to perform basic programming.

This book is an all-inclusive guide to analysing large and complex datasets using Apache Mahout. It explains complicated but very effective machine learning algorithms simply, in relation to real-world practical examples.

Who This Book Is For 

If you are a Java developer or data scientist and haven’t worked with Apache Mahout before and want to get up to speed on implementing machine learning on big data, then this is the perfect guide for you.  Find out details of how you can purchase the book here.

More about Jayani

Jayani possesses more than 6 years of industry experience and has worked on areas such as machine learning, natural language processing, and semantic web, during her tenure. She is passionate about working with semantic technologies and Big Data.

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