Zaizi presents at the annual European Conference of Information Retrieval (ECIR)

AMSTERDAM – 13-16 April – Search expert and semantic technology specialists Alessandro Benedetti and Antonio Perez from Zaizi’s research and development team will demonstrate ‘Content Discovery Through Entity Driven Search’ at the annual European Conference on Information Retrieval.  The ECIR conference encourages the submission of high quality research papers and Zaizi are delighted to be invited to speak at this years conference alongside the likes of Yahoo, Intel & Ebay. This is the main European forum for the presentation of new research results in the field of Information Retrieval. 

‘Content Discovery Through Entity Driven Search’ is a unique initiative from RedLink a leading cloud based platform for Content Analysis, Linked Data Publishing and Semantic Search that allows you to leverage your enterprise content. With 80% of unstructured information representing more than 80% of enterprise content, being able to meaningfully structure content is becoming critical for companies. Experts from Zaizi’s R&D team will demonstrate on how this can be achieved and explain how Natural Language Processing and Semantic Enrichment is increasingly important to improve the quality of tasks related to information retrieval.

Delegates attending the European Conference of Information Retrieval (ECIR) will have the opportunity to meet the following executives from the Zaizi R&D team:

– Alessandro Benedetti, Search and Semantic technology expert, Zaizi

– Antonio Perez, Senior R&D engineer, Zaizi 

Aingaran Pillai, CEO, Zaizi comments ‘With the Semantic Web moving towards full realisation thanks to the Linked Data initiative and with the interest of major search engines in structured data, the enterprise search world is finding it more attractive to make its information machine readable and exploit that information to improve search over its content. We look forward to sharing our experiences in how this can be achieved in your enterprise content management systems with delegates at this years European Conference of Information Retrieval (ECIR)’. 

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