Secure Collaboration in Government

by Chris Conway
Zaizi has worked extensively with central government to help them collaborate securely and socially. Read this blog for insights on how to take on a digital transformation project

Collaborative Working in the Public Sector Survey 2014

by Chris Conway
Collaborative working in the Public Sector Survey 2014

Secure Collaboration with Alfresco

by Zaizi Blogs
Content security and data privacy are high in demand in most organisations in Government, Legal and Financial sector. However, secure collaboration is fundamental to these organisations to get work done by allowing their employees to work together effectively.

Has Oxfam Got It Right?

by Chris Conway
The business challenge began over three years ago when Oxfam International identified a major opportunity to dramatically improve communications and knowledge sharing across its confederation by creating a single global intranet. By 2012 it became clear that improvements needed to be made.

BYOD or PSN? Soon you won't have to choose

by Aingaran Pillai
BYOD or PSN. Exploring the difficulties and contradictions there are to overcome security and compliance issues in order to build an electronic records management system that satisfies people who need to get work done on government’s front lines whilst complying with strict rules of regulatory governance and security is spurring my team on to develop a healthy, flexible and sustainable system.

Learn from Oxfam on how to build a global intranet in the cloud

by Navneet Hundal
Listen, watch and evaluate the possibilities of deploying a similar social intranet and web content management easily using cloud technologies and overcoming the challenges of active user engagement to ensure your intranet is a success.

Alfresco Cloud - The Enterprise Cloud Collaboration Platform

by Aingaran Pillai
Alfresco Cloud - The Enterprise Cloud Collaboration Platform At the recen