Alfresco Platinum Partner

Zaizi enables global enterprises to manage their growing information volumes by leveraging Alfresco's outstanding performance and scalability.

What is Alfresco?


Alfresco provides a hybrid document management solution that works on-premise and in the cloud.The leading open source solution that provides enterprise-grade security, easy administration, and seamless integration with other business applications.

Alfresco is a Visionary as recognised by Gartner five years in a row. More than 1,300 organisations in 180 countries around the world use Alfresco to unlock the value of their information every day. Across cloud, mobile, hybrid and on-premise environments, Alfresco is smart enterprise content management made easy. Founded in 2005, Alfresco is headquartered in Maidenhead, outside of London with US headquarters in San Mateo.

Zaizi are really important to delivering the vision to end users. In terms of implementation and individual requirements, this requires someone that has that domain expertise, that can work alongside us as a software vendor and the customer as an end user.

John Pomeroy | VP EMEA  | Alfresco 

Top 5 reasons why customers choose Zaizi for Alfresco

  • Zaizi is a leading Platinum Partner of Alfresco 
  • Best System Integrator Partner of the Year 2012 and 2013 across EMEA region
  • Highest number of Certified Alfresco Engineers and Administrators of any Alfresco Partner globally
  • First-rate engineering and design ideas from experts
  • Focus on embedding intelligence and meaning into your data for better use

Join us at Alfresco Meetups for Government

The benefits of using open source are becoming ever clearer, and at the forefront of this movement is Alfresco.

With this in mind, Zaizi started a Meetup group created especially for Alfresco, to share the latest ideas, technology and best practises to get the most out of the Alfresco EDRM platform.

Why Alfresco and Zaizi together?

 Zaizi is an experienced information and technology consulting firm and Alfresco’s leading open source systems integrator that offers seamless value to cutting edge content solutions. Customers implementing Alfresco can leverage Zaizi’s experience and expertise throughout the lifecycle of complex Alfresco deployments and avoid the hassle. During the period of subscription customers receive free upgrades and support and a remarkable service experience from Zaizi. 

Zaizi Add Ons for Alfresco


Digital Signature

CoSign for Alfresco is a digital signature solution for organisations to eliminate process inefficiencies of handwritten signatures, and reduce costs.


Intelligent Search

Enable your employees to find the right content in Alfresco effectively, by providing a single access point to all your organisational content from disparate information sources.


Machine Learning

 Machine Learning for Alfresco enables automated content identification and automatic tagging of metadata during content addition or updates.


Semantic Enrichment

Enrich your organisations content in Alfresco - link all necessary and related information to your content file and avoids the hassle of type-in search. 


Secure Collaboration

Zaizi's secure extranet solution connects both internal and external stakeholders to collaborate more securely in a cloud scalable environment.


Audit & Compliance

Enable users in Alfresco with the requisite permissions to view and obtain a report of the audit trail for each document or for all activities by users or groups