An enterprise ready, semantic search engine developed by Zaizi

Key Features


    Federated search across multiple repositories

    Federated search capabilities enable you to access all data sources in the organisation.

    Faster performance

    Retrieval time of colossal amounts of content is quicker with Apache Solr.

    Automatic classification

    Semantic facets automatically classify search results and ability to search by entity type.

    User permissions

    Preserves access permissions for different users in different systems, without implementing additional controls.

    Multiple language support

    Semantic search in popular languages and is available independently or coupled with content solutions from Zaizi.

    Intelligent experience

    Entity driven search, suggestion prompts and more accurate results to ensure you find what you are looking for.

An intelligent federated semantic enterprise search solution.

Built using leading open source software, Sensefy provides users with advanced enterprise search functionalities. Sensefy is enterprise because it offers federated search, with the capabilities to index content from heterogeneous data sources while preserving the access control lists (ACL) of the source repositories.

Sensefy enriches the documents semantically to extract entities such as people, organizations and places and improve the user’s search experience by providing intelligent functionalities.

Key Business Benefits

  • Increase cost savings with open standards that allows seamless integration with multiple data sources, so Sensefy can reinvent and reduce costs of proprietary solutions.
  • Improve user productivity through a federated search that offers one stop access to all content in the enterprise from files, documents, digital assets and records.
  • Apache Solr and ManifoldCF perfects the search function with operational efficiency and security.
  • Content becomes smarter as you go because our solution will automatically tag and link data.
  • Scalability and speed of performance is ensured with the powerful Solr technology and search architecture. 

Sensefy Demo

MICO is a EU-funded research project to develop an integrated platform for cross-media analysis, metadata publishing, querying and recommendation.

As the enterprise search framework for the MICO integration, we use Sensefy. We are pleased to announce the release of the Sensefy search public demo, available at You can try out Sensefy search using below credentials. Username: mico, Password: mico 

Latest Blog from the Sensefy team

Cross Media Concept and Entity Driven Search with Sensefy and MICO, by contributor Chalitha Perera

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Sensefy is a federated enterprise semantic search framework built on Apache ManifoldCF, Apache Solr and Apache Stanbol. Development is sponsored by Zaizi