Covid-19: We’re here to help

Our business is fully operational and we’re committed to helping organisations through the challenges COVID-19 presents.

Firstly, we would like to take a moment and recognise the courageous and inspiring work being undertaken by all the key workers on the frontline dealing with this difficult situation. They are the true heroes working tirelessly, and at their own risk, to keep our country functioning and safe. 

Here at Zaizi, it’s business as usual. We are grateful that we can continue to work remotely, provide our customers with the same quality of service and do so confidently. 

Our management team meets regularly to review our business continuity plans to ensure there is no disruption in our operations from this evolving pandemic.

Our team was already working remotely a few days a week, so the transition to full remote working hasn’t been an issue (although the team do miss the pool table!). We’re sharing our tools, knowledge and capabilities with our customers and public sector clients so they too can work from home successfully.

We’ve always had remote teams embedded with different clients. As we’re in our third week of home working full time, we’ve undertaken and delivered different stages of projects remotely — from discovery to design, through to the build and testing.

As an end-to-end service provider, we have long-term live service contracts that ensure we don’t have to worry about the difficult times other organisations and their staff are sadly facing. And we are grateful for that too. 

Our ambition is to continue building and growing. During this challenging time, we want to ensure our Central Government customers and civil servants have the tools at their disposal to get their work done. 

We can help public sector organisations deal with challenges thrown up by COVID-19 and we’re ready to provide resources to help maintain their business continuity.

Please get in touch if you have any questions or would like to talk — we’re here to help alleviate any strain on your organisation.

We’re also actively recruiting for graduates and other senior roles. So please do apply

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