Esther O’Sullivan, Managing Director at Zaizi

Why I’m passionate about patient-centred digital health and social care

Having worked in the health sector for over 30 years, I recently put myself forward as a candidate for the TechUK Health and Social Care Council.

My goal is to offer my experience to empower patients, promote collaboration, and emphasise the use of technology to deliver exceptional care.

Passionate about healthcare

At the BMJ, I launched a startup arm to back emerging health tech – fulfilling a passion for elevating innovators. I feel privileged to mentor a startup, guiding its mission from seed to scale.

As an elected patient governor at University Hospital Southampton, I advocate for patient autonomy. My own healthcare journey, marked by a heart condition, gives me intimate knowledge of the challenges and the potential of the NHS.

Now, as a Managing Director at Zaizi, I help health, social care, and civil service organisations transform care through digital, data, and upskilling staff. 

Vote: TechUK members can cast votes here

People first, not technology

My passion is putting patients first — not technology. The technology helps us deliver great care to patients and citizens.

I’m also passionate about conversations on standardising APIs & data, robust identity management, inclusive design, and public-private partnerships.

My experience in the private sector, working for Zaizi and leading digital transformation for public sector clients like the Home Office, Department for Levelling Up, and NHS, helps inform my approach.

And I believe public-private sector collaboration can generate new ideas to tackle complex health and social issues.

There are many great candidates on the list. If you’re a TechUK member, please have a look and vote. I would be honoured if you would consider voting for me.

Thanks for joining us! We’ll keep you informed with regular updates.

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