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  • SMEs as money plants growing
    How can government enable SMEs to thrive?
    Often procurement in the public sector can feel like an afterthought or simply a necessary evil.  As discussed at the parliamentary Science and Technology Committee earlier in the year, a real win would be to make procurement and commercial teams in the public sector work more strategically. 
  • Public sector, people and digital transformation
    The importance of people in public sector digital transformation
    “We cannot underestimate the importance of people in the digital transformation journey,” that was one of the main conclusions from our recent survey exploring the progress of digital transformation in government departments.  
  • Government & SME: Whitehall street sign
    What government is doing to meet its SME targets
    The government set an ambitious target that 33% of Central Government procurement spend will go to small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) by 2022.
  • Infographic with local government terms
    How government departments can give digital transformation projects a shot in the arm in 2019
    Our CEO and Founder Aingaran Pillai has written a piece for Digital Leaders on what public sector institutions need to prioritise in 2019 when it comes to digital transformation. 
  • Man using tablet with word government on the screen
    What’s the pace of digital transformation in the Public Sector?
    Government departments have already started their digital transformation projects but our recent survey suggests there are questions to be asked about the pace of that transformation
  • Public sector digital wordcloud
    Digital Transformation Weekly: How ingrained is digital within the DNA of public sector organisations?
    The public sector has a responsibility to deliver successful digital transformation, not just to become more cost-effective but also to deliver better services to the British public
  • GDPR
    GDPR is all about data. And if your data is broken, then so is your strategy. With the countdown now on, here are some key issues that central and local government organisations and authorities need to consider:
  • The UK Government Needs To Up Its Game To Take Advantage Of Data's Golden Age
    The UK Government Needs To Up Its Game To Take Advantage Of Data's Golden Age
    In data terms, people are living in a golden age. The amount of information available to the government is exciting and has the potential to do a lot of good, as well as streamline processes and make millions of lives easier. However, it’s fair to say, that it is not being utilised it to its full effect.
  • Dear government, could you be using data more effectively?
    ‘Mind the gap’. That’s a mantra familiar to many Londoners as they negotiate the capital’s tube system in order to get to work. The link with data may not be apparent immediately. But it is also highly applicable to Government as it seeks to bridge the gap between how services should – and do work. Although Government departments might use data every day, this doesn’t mean they always use it effectively.
  • Alfresco_Meetup
    Alfresco Meetup for government - One year in
    Our last Alfresco meetup of the year, with two main sessions on Alfresco Search and Information Governance with Office 365, and the breakout sessions, expanding on the main talks, but also a session on Case Management and a brand new session, a Beginners Guide to Alfresco.
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