DevOps: Digital and Cloud

by Zaizi Blogs
DevOps – a coming together of ‘development’ and ‘operations’ within an IT world that increasingly centres around business – aims to deliver a progressive, flexible, agile, and swift delivery of new solutions. Crucially, this enables IT departments to develop a more responsive digital culture, facilitating the improvement of public services.

Infrastructure continuous deployment

by Ana Sirvent
During the last decade cloud computing has become the norm and more and more customers are migrating from their on-premise data centres to the cloud. Migration to the cloud offers some important benefits such as cost reduction (decrease capex and opex) or security improvements (as AWS says, “if you don’t trust us, trust our auditors”). This transition along with the agile movement have enabled a new way of doing things on IT that converges on the DevOps culture.

The government must look to AWS to revolutionise data use

by Aingaran Pillai
Attending the Amazon Web Services (AWS) Summit in London earlier this month was an eye opening experience and provided a glimpse into how data can be ingested, stored and analysed in the most efficient way – not in the future, but today.

Zaizi at AWS Summit

by Zaizi Blogs
We had the pleasure of attending the AWS Summit that took place at the London Excel on July 7th 2016. What a fantastic turnout with over 5000 people ready and eager to learn. We arrived by 9AM and after registering made our way to Excel’s auditorium that was equipped with massive screens and audio systems which felt like we were about to attend a David Guetta concert! (pretty impressive montage).

Public Sector Show 2014 - Recap

by Chris Conway
Public Sector Show 2014

Zmart Docs: Convergence of Mobile and Cloud: A must-adapt Tech Trend in 2014

by Zaizi Blogs
Mobile computing devices are rapidly absorbing the share of market of desktops and laptops, although they are limited in battery life, memory and processors. But, as individuals use personal mobile clouds, it will create a shift towards services, and a less focus on devices so that limitations can be overcome easily (Wall Street Journal).

Alfresco Content Hub

by Aingaran Pillai
Enterprise Content Management systems that capture, manage and store this digital big data are a key component of an modern organisation’s information technology landscape.

University of Westminster choose Zaizi to operate Alfresco SaaS platform

by Aingaran Pillai
After an initial pilot, University of Westminster chose Zaizi to deliver their production Alfresco cloud platform. A leading international education institution, the University of Westminster needed an integrated enterprise content management to enable effective and efficient collaboration between academics and staff both internal and external to the organisation.

Alfresco Cloud - The Enterprise Cloud Collaboration Platform

by Aingaran Pillai
Alfresco Cloud - The Enterprise Cloud Collaboration Platform At the recen

Why Alfresco 4.0 is a scalable ECM platform?

by Zaizi Blogs
Alfresco has released the major version or their product, Alfresco Community 4, in October 2011. This version proposes a lot of enhancements for projects in the context of big companies.