Watch: How Digital Process Automation can help local government automate and drive efficiencies

Zaizi hosted a webinar looking at how local councils can use Digital Process Automation (DPA) to provide better services for residents against the backdrop of the constant funding challenges councils face.

Watch Webinar: How to automate processes and drive efficiencies in local government

The webinar, entitled ‘How to automate processes and drive efficiencies in Local Government’,  looked at how Local Government can transform public services through DPA, empowering both its own staff and its service users by automating decisions and tasks.

GovNewsDirect’s Carrie Kleiner, the former Editor in Chief and Head of Content for Parliamentary Digital Service, talked about the recent survey Zaizi produced in conjunction with GovNewsDirect into the problems the public sector is facing at the moment.

Carrie said councils should treat their internal process designs the same way they treat their service design by being agile, iterating, committing to continuous learning, and putting the user at the centre.

Zaizi’s DPA lead Tim Stephenson introduced Digital Process Automation and how it could drive efficiencies in local government. With the right combination of tools, methodology and experience it is possible to make problems Local Government face more tractable through DPA, said Tim.

He talked about the different elements that make DPA; the cloud infrastructure, open sources software, the blueprints and the up-skilling and digital enablement of staff. 

Tim also walked through a real-life scenario, set in a local council housing department, to highlight the advantages of a DPA approach.

The webinar showed how the DPA approach is holistic, takes the user’s side and uses visual modelling tools to deliver flexible solutions rather than relying on hand-coded applications.

You can watch the webinar here 

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