Zaizi experts shape TechUK’s National Security Week

Our experts contributed to TechUK’s National Security Week 2024, examining strategies for strengthening national security through technology. 

We explored addressing the digital skills gap in the sector, as well as securing supply chains against emerging threats. 

TechUK’s campaign week examined key themes around how the UK can bolster national security with technology, the current threat landscape, and what future threats we could envisage.

Closing the digital skills gap in national security requires more than just money

Trying to resolve the digital skills shortage in the national security sector goes beyond boosting salaries. 

Drawing on 20 years of experience, Adam Kilsby, Principal Consultant at Zaizi, explains the nuanced approach needed to build this critical talent pipeline. He highlights that money matters, but it’s not everything. Organisations must also provide:

Addressing the digital skills gap requires a nuanced approach. While financial incentives matter, creating a workforce strategy that acknowledges purpose, recognition, and autonomy will be more effective.

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Supply chain security: Responding to emerging cyber threats

The recent MOVEit breach that exposed sensitive payroll data shows the serious vulnerabilities in software supply chains. This incident and the dramatic rise in attacks on open-source repositories demonstrate the escalating threats. James Patrick, Solutions Architect at Zaizi, says it’s imperative for more collaboration and proactive measures to mitigate risks.

He calls for a paradigm shift in utilising and depending on third-party applications and public code. Frameworks like OSC&R allow analysis of suppliers, logistics, and critical infrastructure to shore up weaknesses at every link. Guidance from NCSC and others also provides practical steps.

But security strategies require constant iteration to keep pace with shifting supply chain threats. Securing the technology pipelines we all depend on takes coordination. By working together, we can safeguard the integrity of the tools that enable governmental operations and public services.

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