Achieving Information Governance and Compliance with Alfresco Records Management

Records management, is an administrative function that needs to be in every organisation to manage its information assets.

Current business trends of increased social business, cloud computing, and big data are having a profound impact on properly managing an organisation’s content. Increased statutory, regulatory, and legal emphasis on records and information, and the costs of responding to these pressures, takes a financial toll on organisations.

A fresh and different approach to make Records Management easier

That’s why at Zaizi, we work very closely with Alfresco to deliver DoD 5015.02 certified records management solutions tailored for your business, to increase collaboration, improve record lifecycle management and create better workflows and regulatory compliance, to help your business work together more effectively.

Key features of Zaizi’s Records Management Solution:

  • Simple records filing - upload records from a web browser, email or desktop 
  • In-place record declaration - declare records anywhere within Alfresco
  • Automated declaration of records - 
simple-to-configure business rules
  • Dynamic record folders
  • File plan - models the system to meet specific information governance and compliance needs 
  • Record disposition 
  • Rapid eDiscovery - powerful search features allow users to find records based on record 
contents and properties
  • Full audit trail
  • Freeze and hold - records managers can freeze or put records on hold to prevent 
changes and suspend the default retention schedules

We offer value added benefits bundled with our solution:

  • Secured electronic and physical records reduce organisational risks in the longer term that aligns with your business strategy. 
  • Our consulting approach leaves you with high user adoption rates, improved simplicity and user focused records management processes to improve productivity rates.
  • Our open source architecture reduces costs to a large extent saving you additional costs incurred in compliance processes by eliminating rework.
  • Our quality configuration services adds value to your organisational processes by streamlining records from filing, declaration, file plans to records disposition and auditing.
  • Custom records search, category management and folder management functionality enables tailoring to your exact business requirements

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Introducing RapidStart for Records Management

Zaizi's RapidStart package is designed for those organisations that have chosen to use an Electronic Document and Records Management system. It aims to get your project moving quickly. If this is your first experience of Enterprise Content Management systems, or Alfresco, this package not only brings your team up to speed on the technology, but also provides a review of your project and business requirements matching them to the technology components. View full package here


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Managed Service

For customers wishing to remove the burden of operating their solution, we offer a Managed Service. All aspects of the solution are managed by Zaizi, including hosting, upgrades and management of third parties.