Reflections On LocalGovCamp 2017

by Andrew Hawkins
I attended the recent Local Government Camp event in Bristol as part of the Zaizi team. As well as conducting two workshops, one of the things we were keen to gauge from the local government attendees was, to what extent data exploitation is at the heart of business and service transformation.


by Aingaran Pillai
GDPR is all about data. And if your data is broken, then so is your strategy. With the countdown now on, here are some key issues that central and local government organisations and authorities need to consider:

Alfresco Meetup for government - One year in

by Chris Conway
Our last Alfresco meetup of the year, with two main sessions on Alfresco Search and Information Governance with Office 365, and the breakout sessions, expanding on the main talks, but also a session on Case Management and a brand new session, a Beginners Guide to Alfresco.

Workflow, Usability and Migration follow up

by Chris Conway
Join us for the Alfresco meetup for government where this month we discussed Workflow, Usability and Migration. Enriching the public sector with open source and open standards technology.

The government must look to AWS to revolutionise data use

by Aingaran Pillai
Attending the Amazon Web Services (AWS) Summit in London earlier this month was an eye opening experience and provided a glimpse into how data can be ingested, stored and analysed in the most efficient way – not in the future, but today.

Alfresco Meetups for Government | Follow up

by Chris Conway
The follow up to the Alfresco Meetup for Government event held at TechUK, specifically for sharing innovative ideas for using open source platforms to ensure government employs better ways of working.

Digital Dedication: How governments can go digital

by Chris Conway
Last week we got together with our partner Alfresco and customer the Department for Business, Innovation and Skills

Digital by Default Webinar: Your Questions Answered

by Zaizi Blogs
As a follow up to our Webinar: Digital by Default: New ways of working, here are all the questions that were asked at the end of the session.

Secure Collaboration in Government

by Chris Conway
Zaizi has worked extensively with central government to help them collaborate securely and socially. Read this blog for insights on how to take on a digital transformation project

Downing Street deletes emails after three months, really?! Yes, really

by Aingaran Pillai
The revelations that Downing Street deletes emails from its system after just three months has come as big surprise – automatically and virtually irrecoverably removing emails from systems isn’t something we expect anymore, especially in heavily scrutinised organisations.