Realising potential: Guiding local youth towards fulfilling futures

Last year, we partnered with Future Frontiers to mentor and coach our first cohort of students from a local school.

Future Frontiers provides guidance, networks and employment opportunities to disadvantaged young people, empowering them to achieve their potential in school and beyond.

Nearly two-thirds of young people born into low-income families will not get qualifications above GCSE upon completing their education at 19. This often results in a cycle of unemployment or low-paid work, which fuels the intergenerational cycles of poverty and inequality we see in society.

Despite aspirations, these young people don’t have the guidance and access to the networks needed to make their dreams attainable.

Future Frontiers’ mission to help these talented students resonated with us. Like them, our purpose is to realise the potential of people – and we felt this partnership aligned with our values around social responsibility and enabling people from all backgrounds to thrive. 

Zaizi’s impact numbers during the programme

How Zaizi worked with the students

We matched some of our employees as coaches to Year 10 students from a local school. Each coach dedicated six hours to guiding an individual pupil one-on-one.

Together, they explored interests, discovered inspirational careers, and mapped constructive plans to turn aspirations into attainable reality. 

Seeing the students grow in confidence and see what’s possible was incredibly rewarding. 

It also allowed our employees to learn and develop their skills as mentors. We had plenty of guidance from Future Frontiers about how we could be effective coaches. 

Our volunteers saw how they impacted the children and took pride in knowing they were making a difference. 

Beyond just skill-building, we connected the students with professionals in their field of interest. Some of the professionals we connected them with included:

We’re pleased to know that Zaizi’s help was just the beginning for these students. Future Frontiers will continue to give ongoing support and career advice for the next two years. 

The Future Frontiers mission really resonated with us and our values. We always talk about realising potential, so it was a really great opportunity to put that into action and help these students realise their own potential.

The impact of the programme on students
Pupils coached by Zaizi increased their career and transition readiness, well above national averages.

Student testimonials

Here are some testimonials from the students we mentored:

“Working with Zaizi volunteers has been an absolute pleasure. All of the coaches were extremely dedicated to the programme and went the extra mile to make sure that their pupils had the best experience.

We were really impressed with the way all of the coaches took everything in their stride, making sure the pupils were the main focus of the programme.

We are really grateful for all of the hard work the Zaizi volunteers put in and it is clear to see the positive results it has had on their pupils!”

Charlotte Austin, Transition Manager, Future Frontiers

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