Zaizi releases an innovative Semantic, Federated Search solution

Information management consultancy Zaizi announces launch of leading new product innovation; Sensefy – intelligent and powerful Enterprise Search that’s built to make searching between structured and unstructured data in Alfresco and other repositories seamless, secure and accurate.

According to a recent report on Search & Discovery carried out by AIIM, 71% of organisations feel that search is vital or essential to enable cross-repository search capabilities. “Searching for useful information is an essential ingredient of any knowledge worker’s job” according to AIIM. “Providing the right cross-repository enterprise search tool is fundamental to their productivity and effectiveness” 1

Introducing Sensefy 1.0 – Accelerated Documented Search 

With the release of Sensefy 1.0 companies can easily search and instantly retrieve all enterprise information sitting inside, outside and across multiple Alfresco installations from inside Alfresco. If you have content spread across different data sources such as SharePoint, Exchange, OpenText and legacy application repositories, Sensefy provides a secure centralised federated search across them all, respecting the permissions and security settings of all those repositories. 

Key features Sensefy 1.0 includes:

Released as open source, Sensefy will enable organisations to implement enterprise search cost effectively. It will enable Enterprise customers migrating to Alfresco to only migrate their “active content” and yet still be able to search and find legacy content from their legacy repositories. 

Knowledge Graph Search

The development roadmap for Sensefy includes Knowledge Graph Search across both structured and unstructured data within the enterprise. Zaizi are thrilled to announce that they have been selected to demonstrate “Sensefy’s Knowledge Graph Search” at the Lucene/Solr Revolution in the US and ApacheCon Europe 2014, the largest conferences dedicated to open source search and open source conferences. 

Aingaran Pillai CEO & Founder at Zaizi comments “As an award winning Alfresco Systems integrator working on the largest Alfresco implementations in the world, we had to solve true enterprise search for our customers. Leveraging our investment in RedLink Gmbh and our own research and development in semantic technologies, we are able to deliver an enhanced search experience for enterprise users. The first steps in bringing the Google like search using the knowledge of the Internet to the enterprise”.

What’s in the road map for Sensefy

Join Zaizi’s CEO & Founder, Aingaran Pillai for a ‘first look’ at our latest release. You’ll be among the first to see the power of the Sensefy platform and how it gives you everything you need to deploy powerful and scalable search. Customers today expect search with Google power and Amazon ease-of-use and Sensefy provides the capabilities you need to deliver a world-class search experience.

Zaizi Limited, headquartered in London, setup advanced information management systems and processes to identify, collect, analyse and publish information to meet the needs of our enterprise customers. By helping our customers make better use of their information, we enable them to gain a competitive advantage or work together effectively with their customers and partners. We deliver the systems as secure and scalable cloud services.

Redlink GmbH, headquartered in Austria, helps enterprises make sense of their data by semantically enriching, linking and searching the vast amounts of unstructured data. Redlink is the company behind the open source projects Apache Stanbol and Apache Marmotta. The Redlink Platform-as-a-Service provides easy access to text analysis, Entity Linking, Linked Data Publishing, Enterprise Data Linking and Application Development services to support a broad range of mission-critical and real-time production data needs.

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